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Eng/Gen Home Energy Conservation

Real advances in world wide energy conservation and pollution reduction will be made with the Russell Engine Generator.

Conservation is the controlled use and systematic protection of natural resources.

  • Every two minutes of car idling consumes the same amount of gas necessary to drive approximately one mile.

  • If a driver idles for one hour, one gallon of gasoline is wasted.

  • Every gallon of gasoline burned - for driving and idling - releases 20 pounds of carbon dioxide, making the transportation sector responsible for about a quarter of overall US carbon dioxide emissions. (

254.4 million US cars idling for only 15 minutes per day will...                                      

  • Waste 63.6 million gallons of gasoline per day.

  • Produce 636,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

In a Series Hybrid Drive System the vehicle is driven by electric motors powered by a combination of batteries and a generator.

  • The Eng/Gen when coupled with a Series Hybrid Drive System in any vehicle application will:
    • Eliminate unnecessary fuel consumption
    • Dramatically reduce the amount of fuel used
    • Dramatically reduce the heat and air pollution emissions

  • Fewer batteries will be required in vehicle applications with the combination of the highly efficient Eng/Gen and the Series Hybrid Drive System:
    • Lowering the vehicles initial cost
    • Reducing vehicle weight and therefore its energy requirements
    • Increasing vehicle efficiency
    • Increasing vehicle performance

  • Regenerative braking is another benefit of this combined system, reducing heat emissions caused by friction braking and recapturing electrical energy for later use.

The Eng/Gen design points the way toward fuel savings and emission reductions in all applications.