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What is the shaftless Eng/Gen (Engine/Generator)?

The Eng/Gen is the first and only patented combination of a new, extraordinarily efficient and powerful, shaftless internal combustion engine and a high efficiency electric generator contained in a single waterproof and dustproof housing. This marriage combines form and function to produce the smallest, lightest, most powerful and efficient generator available today. Fuel in electricity out!

What is the current status of the Eng/Gen?

Russell Energy Corporation is in the process of procuring funding and establishing strategic partnerships. Building a series of prototypes that will demonstrate that the Eng/Gen is fully optimized and ready for manufacturing is our first priority.

What makes the shaftless Eng/Gen better?

The Eng/Gen is substantially smaller, lighter, more powerful, efficient, dependable and durable. It will assure long, trouble free operation, minimal maintenance, significant fuel savings and reduced emissions.

What makes the Eng/Gen more powerful?

The 4 cylinder, 4X2 Eng/Gen will produce 8 combustions per revolution, compared to 2 combustions per revolution produced in a typical 4 cylinder internal combustion engine. The 6X2 Eng/Gen- 12 combustions, compared to 3. The 9X3 Eng/Gen- 27 combustions compared to 4.5, etc...

What makes the Eng/Gen more efficient?

Only 2 movements of the piston per combustion, compared to 4 in a conventional engine, piston movement optimization, cleaner cylinder environments prior to combustion, extended piston stroke and greatly reduced internal friction losses.

What makes the shaftless Eng/Gen more affordable?

The Eng/Gen has far fewer parts than are required in a conventional engine and far fewer parts than in a conventional generator. Fewer parts equal less materials used and lower manufacturing costs which means lower prices for the consumer.

What makes the Eng/Gen better for vehicle use?

The Eng/Gen coupled with a Series Hybrid Drive System is smaller, lighter and more powerful than a conventional drive system. It is more efficient when running, and it eliminates wasted energy and pollution typically produced during idling. It will provide better performance, better mileage, lower emissions, and greater reliability with lower operating costs, and it will do it all while using our current infrastructure.

What makes the Eng/Gen environmentally friendlier?

There are many factors such as; the cleaner cylinder environment prior to combustion, the more complete combustion and extended piston stroke, the greatly reduced internal friction and energy losses within the Eng/Gen. All of these benefits provide for more power from less fuel, which means fewer carbon dioxide emissions. Rapid piston movement after combustion, which is inherent in the design, also reduces the production of nitrogen oxide emissions.

What makes the Eng/Gen ideal for emergency and remote use?

The Eng/Gen is an affordable alternative to standard generators providing greater dependability, durability, reduced fuel requirements, reduced maintenance, a longer service life and Plug-and-Play replaceability.

What fuels can be used in the Eng/Gen?

The Eng/Gen can be built to optimize the combustion characteristics of any liquid or gaseous fuels including but not limited to; gasoline, ethanol, diesel, JP-8 military fuels, natural gas, syngas, biogas, propane and hydrogen.

Why is the Eng/Gen good for America?

It will provide jobs and a revenue stream for the United States from the sales and service of Eng/Gen units worldwide. The Eng/Gen will reduce demand for oil, dependence on foreign oil and pollution from emissions.