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Eng/Gen Home Power For All

Providing electrical service is not practical in many rural areas of the United States and around the world. The Russell Energy Corporation aspires to provide the benefit of electric power for the most basic of needs of all people:

  • Refrigeration to store foods and medicines
  • Lighting
  • Communication
  • Quality of life appliances

For example, envision a small tanker using the Eng/Gen as the primary drive power supply and containing a medium sized bank of batteries:

  • The electric tanker drives to a remote area or disaster scene.
  • Local electricity is provided by the onboard batteries or the Eng/Gen.
  • Battery charge is maintained automatically by the Eng/Gen.
  • The Eng/Gen eliminates waste running only during heavy loads or battery charging.
  • The tanker is replaced when the fuel level is low.
  • The tanker is maintained, refueled and sent to another location

In the most remote locations or hostile environments the Eng/Gen is ideally suited for the dependable and economical production of electricity.